Committee Information

Starmount Forest Country Club - Sam Snead Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410

Meetings are held each Friday at 12:30pm (lunch starts at 12:00pm)

Health & Happiness Committee

Committee Chair: Jerry Clark

Health and Happiness is responsible for announcing current birthdays and giving a gold dollar to the people whose birthday it is if they are present at the meeting. We also share with the club any health issues members are having and their prognosis. We also announce any happy issues such as births, promotions, graduations, etc. We also announce deaths. We send cards to members suffering health issues and for deaths. The success of our committee depends upon members sharing information with us so we can share it with the club.

Greeter Committee

Committee Chair: Alex Harrel

The Summit Rotary Club has a tradition on having at least one member serve as our Greeter before each club meeting. Our Greeter shows our club’s hospitality by welcoming and offering assistance to members, visitors, and guests. The committee is made up of eight Summit Rotarians, who enjoy serving in this capacity when needed. In keeping with another Summit Rotary Tradition, the Greeter Committee Chair schedules, as a priority, new members to serve as Greeters with their sponsors. This gives the sponsor the opportunity to introduced the new member to his/her fellow Summit Rotarians soon after joining. This practice also gives each member the opportunity to personally welcome the new member to our club.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Cindi Hewitt

Membership at Summit Rotary is the driving force of our charitable, 501c3 organization with the goal of recruitment and retention. Our mantra remains that “Rotary is a membership organization and service is our product.” Summit Rotary is a dynamic and diverse organization having grown in the last 8 years from 78 to 120 members that includes 37 women. The Membership Committee is comprised of several parts including a Membership Chair as well as an Engagement Welcome Team that greets visitors weekly, a Blue Book Manager that organizes promotional material in a folder that is given to member prospects, an Orientation Committee that attends our 2 orientations for new members, an Hospitality Manager that sends birthday and illness cards to all members, a New Member Mentor Manager that ensures engagement and, lastly, a New Member Paperwork Administrator. Many hands makes for a strong club!

Invocation Committee

Committee Chair: Scot Brewington

The Invocation Committee provides an opportunity for our fellow members to lead the Club in a moment of reflection, Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary Four Way Test. The Invocation is a time of centering reflection and thanks, structured as an ecumenical opening to the meeting. The Invocation serves as a transition from our meal and community time to our more structured meeting. Periodically, members will be called upon to facilitate the Invocation. It is a rewarding experience providing an opportunity to personalized our weekly meeting.

Meals of Hope

Committee Chair: Cindi Hewitt

Meals of Hope is an annual early springtime family friendly Greensboro area Rotary Clubs' meal packing event for food insecure students and families. Held at our partner charitable organization, Out of the Garden Project warehouse, where our equipment is stored, two shifts of 85 people each shift volunteer to pack a total of approximately 80,000 meals for others. The fortified dried mac and cheese, soy based meals are assembled, bagged , sealed and boxed then remain at the OOTG warehouse for distribution through the OOTG back packs for students program or thru their Mobile Meal pick-ups locations. Many of the morning event volunteers are Rotary student Interact and Rotaract clubs sponsored from our local Greensboro area Rotary Clubs. The afternoon shift is manned by Rotarians, family and friends. Sponsored by Summit Rotary, funding for Meals of Hope is received through a District matching grant, other Rotary Clubs, Summit Rotary Club funds and private donations. Over 900,000 meals will have been packed and distributed over the 9 years of the Meals of Hope work by the end of 2020. The event is hosted by a DJ with music and sponsored pizza and t-shirts for the students. It remains a fun day of service for all!

Social Committee

Committee Chair: Brooks Hayworth

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